Quitting Smoking is the best single things you can do for your health; the benefits of quitting start almost immediately and only get better over time. In just a matter of weeks, the risk of heart disease, stroke, lung disease, and various cancers decreases significantly.

Imagine the extra cash in your pocket when you’re no longer spending on cigarettes or vapes. Quitting not only benefits your health but also your wallet. From saving money, to extending your life and spending more time with loved ones, there are a million reasons why someone might choose to quit.

We know that quitting isn’t easy, so we’ve come up with a list of tips and resources available for free to all New Brunswickers. Here’s to a New Year and a healthier you!


Here are some quick tips to set you up for success.

1) Pick a Quit Day : Pick a day, any day, that works for you. Mark it on your calendar and tell your loved ones you’re quitting. Setting a date and sticking to it is the first step towards quitting.

2) Choose your Support : Find a quit-smoking support line, research Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs), or consider quitting with a friend. Knowing your supports before your start will help set you up for success. 

 3) On Your Quit Day : Toss your cigarettes / vapes, avoid situations that might tempt you to smoke, know that once your withdrawal symptoms pass you’ll feel better than you have in years! Again, tell your friends and family you’re quitting.

4) Dealing with Withdrawal : Remember The Four D’s of Dealing with Withdrawal: Drink water, Deep Breaths, Delay (just wait it out, your cravings will pass), Do something different (phone a friend, get some exercise, pick up a new hobby!)


The best way to Quit is the way that works for you :

-Quash is a FREE all-in-one quit smoking / vaping app that helps you build a personalized quit-plan, prepare for withdrawal and setbacks, badges and rewards, and reminders to treat yourself after quit-milestones. Download the Quash app on Android or Apple.

-The New Brunswick Anti Tobacco Coalition and GNB offer quit-smoking / vaping resources on the Smoke Free NB website. The site offers live chat support, a quit-line (1-866-366-3667), Text support (text “SMOKEFREENB to 123456), cost calculators, and e-mail advice and support.

-Looking to curb your cannabis use? Check out NB Lung’s Cannabis Harm Reduction resources. Developed in partnership with the New Brunswick Medical Society, these resources are designed for healthcare providers, but they provide a path to less harmful ways of using cannabis than smoking. Smoking cannabis is the most harmful way to use it.

Live Well | Bien Vivre offers FREE health coaching to all New Brunswickers over 18, anywhere in the province. While smoking cessation isn’t their main focus, individual wellness-coaches can help guide you towards a healthier, smoke-free life.