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Advocacy Opportunities

Did You Know?

NB Lung successfully lobbied the government to increase rental accommodations for New Brunswickers who need out-of-province care.



Our advocacy efforts are at the heart of our mission to improve the respiratory health of all New Brunswickers. Over the years, we’ve successfully lobbied the government on critical issues, influencing policy and sparking meaningful change in our community’s lung health landscape.

Become a Voice for Change: Your involvement is crucial. By reaching out to your local Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), you can help amplify our collective voice on important lung health issues. Together, we can push for policies that ensure clean air and better health for all residents of New Brunswick.

Easy Steps to Take Action:

  1. Find Your MLA: Use this convenient tool to find the contact information for your local Member of the Legislative Assembly.
  2. Send a Letter: Select from our pre-written letters that reflect ongoing campaigns and crucial advocacy points. These letters are crafted to make an impact, and you can send them directly to your MLA to let them know that you support our calls-to-action.
  3. Stay Informed: Keep up with our latest advocacy campaigns and updates by subscribing to our newsletter. Be the first to know about our efforts and how you can play a part.

Take Action On:

Radon Testing & Mitigation

New Brunswick is the only province without financial support for Radon Mitigation. Radon-induced lung cancer is preventable.

Healthcare Funding

New Brunswickers need meaningful investment in preventative care, improved access to primary care, and a stabilized healthcare system.

Youth Nicotine Addiction

Health Canada loopholes allow Flavoured Nicotine Pouches to be sold and advertised to youth. Reclassify pouches as a prescription product.

Children’s Health & Healthy Transportation

Diesel emissions have negative health effects on children. Ask the government to commit to an electrified school bus fleet.

Federal Advocacy:
Smoke-Free Generation

Nicotine addiction is on the rise. Send a letter to your MP or the PM supporting a ban on the sale of tobacco and nicotine products to anyone born on or after a specific date

Page Last Updated: 28/02/2023