What is the nb drug plan?

New Brunswick Drug Plan

Did You Know?

28% of New Brunswickers are living without drug coverage.



The New Brunswick Drug Plan is a program that helps people pay for their prescription medicines. If you live in New Brunswick and need to buy medicine from a pharmacy, enrolling in the plan can make it cheaper.

Users pay a monthly membership fee, which allows them access to special low pricing each time they need to buy prescription medication. The price is capped so that even if drug companies raise the prices, New Brunswick Drug Plan members won’t be charged more. It’s like a private health plan, but because membership cost is based on income, it’s a way to make sure everyone can get the medicine they need at a price they can afford.

Who can it help? 

Everyone’s health and personal situation is different. Low-income earners with complex medical conditions who need to fill multiple prescriptions every month will benefit the most. If you earn a lot of money and only need a prescription every once in a while, the New Brunswick Drug Plan might not be for you. Our calculator tool can help you work this out.  

Checklist – do you qualify? 

The New Brunswick Drug Plan is for NB residents with a valid NB Medicare card who: 

  • Don’t have drug insurance at all, or 
  • Don’t have coverage through another program (for example, if you have reached the annual or lifetime limit for drug coverage or have been prescribed something that isn’t listed in your private plan for the prescribed condition. If you aren’t sure if your medicine is covered, call the NBDP info line at 1-800-332-3692) 

You will not be denied because of your age or pre-existing conditions, and there is no waiting period or deductible once you join. 

What to do if you qualify 

To estimate the cost of the Plan for you, use the calculator below. (You’ll need to know your income and your family size.) Children (18 and younger) are free, as long as at least one parent is enrolled. 

If you apply for the plan, they will confirm your information and tell you how much you need to pay before you are enrolled. Changes to your income or family structure may affect your Drug Plan cost.  

Apply today!

Who are you?
Based on the information you provided, your New Brunswick Drug Plan would cost approximately 0 per month.
Information for Pharmacists & Health Care Professionals

According to one 2021 study*, low income New Brunswickers have the highest out of pocket spending in Canada for prescription medication.  

As Healthcare professionals it’s important to how the New Brunswick Drug Plan works, its benefits, and how to direct uninsured NB residents who need drug coverage. While every individual’s income and medication needs are unique, having a trusted, impartial source of information is vital to helping people navigate the application process and first uses of their drug plan.  

Take a moment now to familiarize yourself with the NB Drug Plan.

Before you can submit patient claims to the New Brunswick Drug Plan, you must register as a participating provider.  To become registered, complete the New Brunswick Drug Plans Participating Provider Agreement, and the Direct Deposit Form (for payment purposes).  

You can learn about which medications and services are covered by the New Brunswick Drug Plan and how to make a special authorisation request here 

Note: The information on the NB Lung website is for general knowledge only and is subject to change. Always refer to the Government of New Brunswick website to keep informed of updates or changes to the New Brunswick Drug Plan, as changes could affect how you serve your patients. 

*Source: IMC analysis of National Prescription Drug Utilization Information System: Plan Information Document, July 2021, published by Canadian Institute for Health Information 

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