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Corporate Giving

Our organization has been serving the people of New Brunswick since 1933.

NB Lung is a community-centric advocate for lung health that believes in better outcomes for patients by working together with internal and external partners.

Established during the tuberculosis pandemic, our focus has shifted over time to address the evolving threats to lung health; from smoking and vaping, communicable and hereditary lung disease including cancer to indoor and outdoor air quality and pollution, and climate change.

After 90 years, NB Lung exited the Canadian Lung Association federation. This transition brings full autonomy to the organization, allowing resources, time, and energy to be directed to the people and province of New Brunswick

Employee Giving

Employee Giving

Empower your employees to give back to their communities and champion lung health concerns across the province by joining our Employee Giving program.


Need Money Bad Like right now


Need Money Bad Like right now

In-Kind Giving

Need Money Bad Like right now

NB Lung is an ally in lung health promotion.

Our services and programming rely on donations from people like you. You can help champion lung health by donating today!

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