Message from our President & CEO, Melanie Langille

Established during the tuberculosis pandemic, our focus has shifted over time to address the evolving threats to lung health; from smoking and vaping, communicable and hereditary lung disease including cancer to indoor and outdoor air quality and pollution, and climate change.

As we reflect on 90 years of service in promoting respiratory health in New Brunswick, it is my great pleasure to launch our new name and look. Now an independent entity, NB Lung remains committed to New Brunswick lung health priorities. I am excited for this transition as it brings full autonomy to the organization, allowing resources, time, and energy to be directed to the people and province of New Brunswick.

Our youth are vaping at alarming rates, and many of them transition from vape to cigarette use. Smoking is the most common form of cannabis use. New Brunswickers who had quit smoking are again picking up the habit to cope with stress of the lingering pandemic, and record inflation. Our health system is in crisis, and there is more need than ever for preventative care in lung health.

Our province’s population is growing, and with it comes more traffic on our roads, and more pollution in our air. Our climate is changing, and more frequent wildfires across the continent bring smoke pollution to our air. Chemicals surround us in everyday products that exacerbate respiratory symptoms and increase risk of developing lung disease.

Our team is motivated to make a difference  for the 1 in 5 New Brunswickers who struggle to breathe: you; your family member; your friend; your neighbour.

Together, let’s work to advance our vision of all people free of lung disease.

-Melanie Langille

Our Vision

Clean Air Everywhere.

Our Mission

Improving respiratory health in communities across New Brunswick.

Our Guiding Principals

Patient Support; Public Education; Research; Advocacy

NB Lung Staff delivering COVID-19 test kits

COVID-19 Testing Kits

In 2022-2023 NB Lung continued to distribute thousands of COVID-19 test kits and respirator masks to vulnerable New Brunswickers living with lung disease, and later, the general public. Each package included 10 rapid-test kits and 20 masks, and information about COVID-19, how to help prevent the spread of the virus, and what to do if you contracted it. Over 9,000 test kits and thousands of masks were taken to events to be handed out and distributed to the public, where they were enthusiastically received. Many people thanked NB Lung for continuing to support them as guidelines began to change. As restrictions were removed, NB Lung distributed all remaining kits to those who wanted and requested them.  

With the uptick in COVID-19, we continue have testing kits available for pick up by walk in – into our office. Available Monday to Friday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM at 132 Main Street, Fredericton.

Indoor Air Quality & Radon

Lung cancer is the deadliest of all cancers. While smoking is still the main cause, a significant portion of cases occur among people who have never smoked a day in their lives. Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada. New Brunswick has some of the highest radon levels in the country.

Radon is in all homes, although you can’t see, smell, or taste it. The only way to know if there is a high concentration of radon gas in your home is to test for it.

NB Lung is pleased to partner with the New Brunswick Research & Productivity Council to help people test their homes with faster results and an all-in-one service via the radon kits we have available on our website for purchase. Kits are available to purchase for $60 and contents include: 1x RPC Alpha Track radon test kit, instructions, and return postage paid envelope (to send your kit to the lab when it’s time to get your results!). So don’t delay, test your home today! 

Hand holding a co-branded radon detector kit with NB lung and RPC logos.
Medical Students pose with Cannabis Harm Reduction Resources

Cannabis Harm Reduction

Tobacco use remains the greatest preventable cause of death and disease. It is the leading cause of death from lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Close to five million Canadians aged 15 and older are still smoking. With the legalization of recreational cannabis, and a steep increase in youth vaping, new challenges were introduced for NB Lung in the fight against lung disease. Smoking IS smoking and… Vaping IS smoking! 

NB Lung developed Cannabis Harm Reduction resources for health professionals. Health professionals were invited to participate in our Advisory Group to help shape the resources needed to demystify cannabis and discuss harm reduction strategies with patients. Anne Lebans, Health Programs Coordinator has been presenting to youth, partners, and medical professionals and developing resources launched in Fall of 2023. 

90th Anniversary Rebrand 

“Breathe | The Lung Association of New Brunswick” has become “NB Lung”, an independent entity devoted entirely to New Brunswick lung health priorities. NB Lung is grateful for the long-standing relationship with the Canadian Lung Association. This transition brings full autonomy to the organization, allowing resources, time, and energy to be direct to the people and province of New Brunswick. Our services will only improve as we grow into our independence.

The New Brunswick Lung Association was established in January 1933 under the name of the “New Brunswick Tuberculosis Association Limited” to help New Brunswickers manage the threat of tuberculosis on lung health. 

As an independently incorporated member of the federation of the Canadian Lung Association and a registered charity, we worked locally to provide programing and policy advocacy at the provincial level. As we addressed the challenges of tuberculosis, our focus shifted to incorporate a broad range of threats on lung health. 

Our work today remains grounded in lung health, addressing challenges from smoking and vaping, communicable and hereditary lung disease including cancer, indoor and outdoor air quality and pollution, and climate change

Next a move! 

For over three decades, NB Lung has been a pillar of support and care at the Victoria Health Centre at 65 Brunswick Street in Fredericton. Now, as we bid farewell to our old location, we’re thrilled to announce a new chapter in our journey. NB Lung moved to Fredericton’s North Side at 132 Main Street, a decision that promises improved accessibility for the public and a fresh beginning for our organization. 

A Much-Needed Change: The decision to relocate has not been made lightly. The Victoria Health Centre has served us well, and the memories we’ve built there will be cherished. However, as the needs of our community evolve, so must our approach to providing essential respiratory care. Over the years, we recognized that accessibility remained a challenge for many individuals seeking our services. 

The new location on Fredericton’s North Side presents a remarkable opportunity to overcome this obstacle. This move aligns perfectly with our mission to make respiratory healthcare more accessible and inclusive for all, offering barrier-free access and ensuring that nobody has to face their challenges alone. 

Photo of NB Lung Staff holding pinwheels
Photo of the new NB Lung office at 132 Main Street in Fredericton
Photo of a Healthy Homes kit including environmentally friendly cleaners

Healthy Homes

By April 2023, 200 new parents in New Brunswick learned safer, healthier alternatives to common hazardous household products via self-paced learning introduces at health/family resources centres. NB Lung developed evidence-based resources including infographics, website content and videos.  

These were created in collaboration with community health and Indigenous communities.  

By focusing on cost savings and simplicity, we take a wholistic approach that is inclusive of our target groups. It is important to provide simple, uplifting, empowering messaging about healthy alternatives that are accessible acrost the spectrum to reduce barriers and improve access to healthier choices.

Lung Transplant Patient Support

1 in 5 New Brunswickers are living with lung disease. Approximately 10 residents per year need to travel to Montreal or Toronto for lung transplants. Through NB Lung and the support program, each patient receives ongoing support for their individual needs, before, during and after their transplant.

Our Lung Transplant Support Fund is available to New Brunswick residents to help offset costs that are not covered by Medicare. From pre-op testing, to navigating provincial health coverage, accommodation recommendations and how to save travel costs, our programs have patients covered. The program can also assist with providing portable oxygen concentrator machines to those in need, one-on-one consultations, and continued patient advocacy. 

Photo of Bruce, a transplant patient, and his wife
Photo of Bruce, a transplant patient, and his wife

29th Annual Respiratory Health Symposium

This was the third year hosting a virtual webinar symposium and the second year with simultaneous French translation. The event was well attended with 390 registrants including Respirologists, Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Respiratory Therapists, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Respiratory Educators, Occupational Health Nurses, Social Workers, students from New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) Pharmacy Tech, Dental hygienists, Licensed Practical Nurse and Respiratory Therapist programs.

The event was received very positively with 96.63% responding they would recommend the symposium to others. Students appreciated the event being free and their attendance was welcomed and recognized.

NB Lung’s Annual Respiratory Health Symposium continues to be a valuable tool for knowledge transfer and discourse concerning respiratory health. Its continued objectives are to inform and engage the audience about respiratory health issues and to transfer knowledge to health professionals that may be incorporated into their practice. 

Influenza Awareness Campaign: Forgot about Flu? It remembers YOU!

The COVID pandemic brought much public attention to the prophylactic successes of vaccines. NB Lung’s influenza awareness project sought to capitalize on this momentum by ensuring that a range of adult influenza immunization options are well understood by the public. 

Bilingual vaccination information was rolled out in two phases through newsletters, emails, direct mailing of printed material, and through social media and the NB Lung website. Content was tailored to different groups: healthcare professionals and the general public. Vaccination choices, infographics, and media resources suitable for print/display were available as free, editable files for anyone to download for use and distribution within their own networks.

The NB Lung website also features an embedded, searchable map showing all of the public flu clinic locations within New Brunswick. 

•20,679 members of the public viewed campaign info on social media
•9,109 people read about vaccination options in newsletters.
1,347 people accessed website downloads and content.
30,242 healthcare professionals were provided with email resources.
15,120 additional professionals were reached through secondary sharing of our information by Healthcare Professionals initially contacted by NB Lung.

Image of a PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor

PM2.5 Citizen Science

Exposure to fine particulate matter in the air can cause asthma attacks, restrict breathing for people with chronic lung disease like COPD, and cause heart attacks and stroke. Chronic exposure suppresses the immune systems of young children, making it more difficult for them to fight off respiratory tract infections. PM2.5 is responsible for an estimated 4.2 million premature deaths every year. There is no safe level of exposure to PM2.5

Our network of PM2.5 sensors offer the opportunity for New Brunswickers to “see” what is invisible to the naked eye. Thanks to citizen scientists across the province, near real time (1 hour average) PM2.5 data are available to all. Further, our interactive display and education materials aimed at Children was launched at Science East in Fredericton in February 2023.

Because of the serious health effects associated with exposure to fine particulate matter, PM2.5 is a component of the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI).

Drive Electric Atlantic

Since 2014, NB Lung  has been engaged in electric vehicle education and advocacy with the inception of the Electric Vehicle Advisory Group in NB, which NB Lung continues to chair.  

The move to zero emission transportation means healthier air for all, and represents an impactful personal choice in reducing one’s contribution to climate change. NB Lung is committed to helping individuals understand the options and realities of adopting an EV as their personal vehicle and overcoming barriers to widespread adoption.  

The Drive Electric Team travels through the Atlantic Provinces – New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador. They provide education, information and answer real life questions. The team provides test drives to help the public understand and learn about what they need to make the transition to electric to meet their needs and lifestyle. 

Group of people posed at a Drive Electric Atlantic Event
Why Climate Podcast logo

HPACC – Health Professionals for Action on Climate Change and Why Climate?

The New Brunswick Health Professional for Action on Climate Change (HPACC) is led by the NB Lung in partnership with the Nutsihpiluwewicik (Indigenous Nursing Program at UNB) and is a new coalition arising from the urgent need to take action on climate change and to reduce impacts on our natural environment and human health.   

The climate crisis is a health crisis. Health Professionals are a key ally in helping New Brunswickers adapt to our changing climate and take actions to reduce their individual impact. 

•Over 11,400 UNB Nursing alumni reached
•7,300 listeners to our podcast
ver 430 New Brunswick gealth care students and staff trained 

The program resources integrate a “One Health and Traditional Knowledge” approach to Climate and health interactions. Nutsihpiluwewicik advised on tailoring specific resources for use in Indigenous health centers across the province. Traditional knowledge dealing with climate change became a central part of the audience engagement strategy and knowledge exchange.   

The Why Climate? Program consists of presentations, evidence-based resources, and a podcast series seeking to integrate a climate and health lens into a diversity of aspects of health, healthcare, and wellbeing.

Clean Air Day

Clean air is essential to our health, our well-being and the planet. Air pollution causes heart and lung disease and results in over 15,300 people in Canada dying each year. From traffic to industry, wildfires to residential wood burning, threats to air quality are everywhere. 

Our vision: Clean Air Everywhere 

Celebrated on the first Wednesday of June each year, Clean Air Day is a movement to mobilize and enable Canadians to celebrate and protect the air we breathe. We’re excited that NB Lung is now leading the national Clean Air Day campaign.

Working with municipalities, schools, NGOs and community partners across the country, last year’s Clean Air Day saw:

•75,000+ Riders taking advantage of free public transit.
•600+ Students from 25 schools taking part in Clean Air Day Education activities.
•1,600+ Customizable Event Posters downloaded from the CAD website.

Why Climate Podcast logo

Indigenous Partnerships

NB Lung is committed to equity and inclusion and recognized that outreach and inclusion with Indigenous partners as an area for growth. We are pleased to have collaborated with various Indigenous health centres across the province, which has enabled NB Lung to enhance our understanding of Indigenous health issues and adapt our services accordingly.  

Collaborating with Indigenous health centers allows NB Lung to actively contribute to reconciliation efforts by addressing some of the specific health disparities faced by Indigenous people and lung health. Doing so only strengthens our overall programming. 

By partnering with Indigenous health centers, NB Lung has not only improved its services but has also demonstrated a genuine commitment to addressing past injustices and promoting healing within Indigenous communities. This partnership has fostered trust, and cultural safety, and strengthened relationships between NB Lung and indigenous individuals and communities.

Page Last Updated: 28/02/2023