Clean Air


serving new brunswick since 1933

Our organization has been serving the people of New Brunswick since 1933.

Established during the tuberculosis pandemic, our focus has shifted over time to address the evolving threats to lung health; from smoking and vaping, communicable and hereditary lung disease including cancer to indoor and outdoor air quality and pollution, and climate change.

Breathe | the lung association of New Brunswick has become NB Lung, an independent entity devoted entirely to New Brunswick lung health priorities.

NB Lung’s Impact

2022-2023 at a glance

8,750 COVID-19 rapid tests

distributed to New Brunswickers across the province

33,000+ Healthcare Professionals

provided with tips and updates on lung health issues

573 New Brunswickers

behind the wheel of a Zero emission vehicle for the first time

Replacing a conventional vehicle with an electric vehicle reduces air pollutants such as NO2, SO2, particulate matter and VOCs. These reductions in air pollutants are measurable and are necessary to improve respiratory health.


Citizen Science - Air Quality Monitoring

Citizen Science is another name for public participation in environmental research. It’s a cost-effective way of capturing more widespread data to extend a program’s focus area, and best of all – you don’t have to be a “scientist” to take part!  

Anyone can do it, and it’s a great way to ensure communities across NB are included in air quality monitoring efforts.


Many people with lung disease can lead a better life if they practice gentle exercises that are focused on breathing, and doctors recommend gentle exercise for COPD patients especially.

The Foundation for Resilient Health

The Foundation for Resilient Health (RESILIENT) springboards from this history, trust, and evidence-based expertise, into the realm of promoting the key pillars of resilient health.

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