With the release of New Brunswick’s latest Provincial Budget, the verdict is in: disappointment in short-sighted spending looms large, especially in healthcare circles. While the province is boasting the “biggest health-care budget in New Brunswick’s history,” the reality falls short of many New Brunswicker’s expectations. 

Despite a modest increase in healthcare spending from $3.6 billion to $3.8 billion, the 2024-25 budget fails to make the significant investments urgently needed to address pressing healthcare challenges. For organizations like NB Lung, who tirelessly advocate for improved healthcare services, this budget is a missed opportunity to enact meaningful change. 

NB Lung engaged with New Brunswick’s pre-budget consultation process including one-on-one conversations with the Minister of Finance, and joint submission with aligned health partners including a medical Pre-Budget Stakeholder Forum, chaired by the New Brunswick Medical Society and the New Brunswick Nurses Union.  

Our goals were clear. New Brunswickers need investment in:  

  • Meaningful preventative care, including reduced barriers to emerging vaccines  
  • Support for radon testing and mitigation 
  • A stabilized healthcare system 
  • Protecting today’s youth from a lifetime of nicotine addition 

Sadly, yesterday’s budget falls short of the mark set by the Pre-Budget Stakeholder Forum. Despite Finance Minister Ernie Steeves acknowledging the unprecedented demand driven by an aging population and an influx of new residents, the proposed budget remains entrenched in the status quo. 

While the challenges facing New Brunswick’s healthcare system are undeniable, so too is the need for bold and decisive action. Maintaining the current trajectory is not enough; real progress demands real investment. It’s time for the government to heed the voices of advocacy groups, healthcare professionals, and concerned citizens alike. 

In the wake of this budget, NB Lung remains committed to advocating for the healthcare needs of all New Brunswickers. We urge policymakers to reconsider their approach and prioritize the health and well-being of our communities. Only through genuine investment and forward-thinking initiatives can we build a healthcare system that meets the needs of both present and future generations. 

Lend your voice and stand with us in expressing our disappointment with the latest provincial budget which fails to address the dire health support needs of New Brunswickers! By signing our petition, you are joining a community of people who refuse to accept inadequate healthcare funding and are sending a clear message of disappointment to the New Brunswick Government. Sign now to make a difference! 

Breathe easy, 

Melanie Langille

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