Tara and Addie’s Story

“It was very difficult finding out our daughter had asthma-like symptoms from the time she was a small baby. We didn’t have any experience with asthma in our family and it was so difficult watching our baby struggle to breathe when she was sick.”

Faces of Lung Disease:

Tara & Addie’s Story

Did you Know?

Asthma cannot be cured, but symptoms can be controlled by reducing exposure to triggers of airway swelling or bronchoconstriction, and through proper use of medications.

We’ve received so much asthma education from NB Lung, asthma clinic, doctors and pediatricians that it made those scary moments a little less scary knowing we had their support.

There is all kinds of literature available from NB Lung that is also very kid-friendly.

Asthma can be extremely scary but we’re in great hands here in New Brunswick thanks to NB Lung.

Tara’s Story

We have been so thankful that Addie was able to attend NB Lung’s Asthma Camp- I often heard Addie say, “I wish I could just be like other kids”.

She often felt alone when she was really sick since none of her friends had the same experiences when they had a simple cold. Going to camp with other kids who had asthma gave her a chance to see that she wasn’t alone. She knows that, although it can be difficult at times, there’s nothing she can’t do.

Addie’s story

Even though I’m a fast runner, it is hard to run with my friend in gym class because I have asthma. When I catch a little cold it usually turns into a visit to the hospital and I often get Pneumonia.

I have to take a puffer, pills and nasal spray every day and carry a rescue inhaler with me at all times. It was so much FUN going to Asthma Camp. I could still do everything every other kid did but more importantly I met other great kids with asthma. We shared stories and the ladies were such a big help. They gave us funny cartoons about asthma and a really cool carrier for my puffers.

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