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Small NGO creates resources for cannabis harm reduction with medical society  

New Brunswick, (September 21, 2023)- In response to the urgent need for cannabis harm reduction in New Brunswick, NB Lung is pleased to announce the Cannabis Harm Reduction Program in collaboration with the New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS). This joint initiative focuses on the risks of smoking, the most common and hazardous method of cannabis consumption. Resources created to assist healthcare professionals in harm reduction discussions with patients are set to launch at the NBMS Annual General Meeting in late September.  

“Cannabis is used by approximately one in three New Brunswickers, with smoking being the most popular form of consumption. Smoking cannabis creates the same toxins and cancer-causing chemicals as smoking cigarettes. These resources better prepare health professionals to engage in essential harm reduction conversations with patients about their cannabis usage. By helping patients understand the risks associated with cannabis consumption, we can improve health outcomes and alleviate future strain on our medical system.”, says NBMS President, Dr. Michèle Michaud.  

The resources, created by NB Lung with input from a medical advisory committee, mark an initial step in supporting the healthcare system in navigating the evolving cannabis landscape. Pending additional funding, the next phase will involve the development of educational curricula by physicians and medical students at the Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick. This will ensure that future healthcare professionals have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide evidence-based care to New Brunswickers.  

“NB Lung is committed to protecting lung health. With the legalization of cannabis, we recognized the need for resources for health professionals to broach a topic with their patients that was previously taboo,” says Melanie Langille, President and CEO of NB Lung.  

For more information on Cannabis Harm Reduction please visit nblung.ca/CHR.  


NB Lung, formerlyBreathe | the lung association NB, has become an independent entity devoted entirely to New Brunswick lung health priorities. The organization remains committed to the same initiatives it has always served, focusing on patient care, clean air initiatives and advancing research, education and policy advocacy to improve lung health.  

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