Giving Tuesday:

Angela’s Allies 

“We can’t be living in beautiful New Brunswick and be ignorant of this lurking danger”

Angela Lea just celebrated her 58th birthday this month. She was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer in October and given a prognosis of just a few months. Angela’s birthday wish is for all New Brunswickers to test their home for radon. 

Like all New Brunswickers, Angela’s home is the victim of radon gas intrusion. Radon is in all homes, at some level; 1 in 4 New Brunswick homes have dangerous levels.  It is an invisible, odourless, radioactive gas that causes lung cancer.

Radon is released from uranium rock beneath the surface, which is very common in New Brunswick. We need to support our community and test every home for this silent danger. Measuring the level of radon in your home is the only way to know if you need to take action to fix the problem.

Angela is asking you to join her fight and unite to amplify her voice and to raise awareness of cancer-causing radon gas, and to make radon testing accessible to those facing financial barriers.

NB Lung is taking part in Giving Tuesday this year during Radon Awareness Month; we urgently invite you to join our mission in raising awareness and tackling the silent threat of radon.

With your support, we can continue to fund crucial initiatives to provide radon testing kits to communities in need, public education sessions, and advocate on your behalf so we can break the stigma on lung disease and protect our homes!

This Giving Tuesday, at the end of Radon Awareness Month and with Angela’s voice bringing us together, we can fight against radon-induced lung cancer and contribute to a safer future for homes across New Brunswick.

Donate now to create a lasting impact right here at home.

Thank you for your support.

Please consider donating to NB Lung so that we can continue to help the 1-in-5

New Brunswickers who live with lung disease.

Page Last Updated: 28/02/2023